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the people’s wall / 20th & spruce , CD , seattle | DION HENDERSON - 6 oct 1970

digital kids | Vicktor Taiwò

people will deceive you / i ain’t really tryna learn lies / searching for meaning with my burnt eyes

Teach-In #1: Antiblackness - what it is and ain't



!!!!!!!!!This Saturday (September 6th, 2014) at 11am EST!!!!!!!!

Our first teach-in will be an exploration of the definition and nature of antiblackness - its history as a theory, its history as a structuring logic of the modern world,…

caress ; a warm embrace 

baby we are not tender enough, ufsd 2014

A young woodabe woman. Marc Riboud, Niger, 1963.

Alex Webb

calabash dress, oumou sy, dakar fashion week, 1998

Stills from Earth Medicine
by Iman Person

"Black Americans are magical people…because their hearts are broken."

- Kola Boof (via thecolorblu)

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Photograph from the Insectes series by Laurent Seroussi.



A collage of images scanned from African Hairstyles, by Akua-Adiki Anokye, distributed by Oceanic Primitive Arts, 1980

Collage by Nontsikelelo Mutiti

"How do we shape minds to think outside of the boxes of the oppressive cultures in which we live and develop responsible technologies? How do we cultivate cultures and critical thinking that will foster new technologies? How do we make available access to information, spaces and tools that will help people to create new technologies? A lot of how we see technology is steeped in Western thought of efficiency, progress and making capital and not how it enriches our lives, the lives of other animals, plants and the Earth. We still have a lot of unlearning to do."


Sherese Francis ( afutureancient )

Using Afrofuturism to Power New Modes of Tech – Interview with Futuristically Ancient Blogger Sherese Francis  via Blerds - Atlanta Black Star

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Gregory Warmack aka Mr. Imagination Dies at 64. Photo via Chicago Sun-Times blogs.


Shabazz Palaces - #CAKE

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